Build a personal brand that makes you the recruiter of choice in your market

The Person Behind the Brand

I know first-hand from working in recruitment that you can’t rely on smashing the switchboard and pasting inmails all day. The market is just too noisy and it’s too impersonal.

I’m here to help you cut through that noise and reach more of the right people by bringing the reputation you earn offline to a much bigger audience online. 

All with one objective in mind – to amplify your personal brand and outpace the competition to become the recruiter of choice in your niche.

What I Offer

Agency Workshops

Choose from an all-inclusive session or a series of four interactive workshops to engage your recruiters with their personal brands.

Coaching Programme

Twelve-weeks of dedicated mentoring to grow your network, drive engagement and start delivering inbound opportunities.

Online Courses

A starter personal branding course to help you take that step closer to achieving the go to status within your market.

Client Success

Let's Chat

Feel free to get in touch through any of the methods below.

The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast

This is the show where I bring to life the true failures, learnings and successes from Recruiters and Recruitment Business Owners.

I have real and honest conversations with some of the most talented Recruitment Professionals globally.

My goal with this podcast is simple, for it to become the go to place for recruiters to learn from the best within the recruitment industry and to give a true insight into the world of recruitment for those considering a career within the industry.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has taken the time to listen to the podcast!