I understand personal brand is important … but how do I start?


So you have seen this phrase personal branding enough times now to recognise that it might actually be important. 

You’re open to giving it a go but how the fuck do you start investing in your personal brand? I’m a Recruiter not a marketeer?

Let me give you some practical advice.

You have to deploy self awareness if you’re at the stage of giving this personal branding thing a real go.

What do I mean by self-awareness? Well, you may not be the best type of person to get straight in front of the camera you might be a great writer or even podcaster.

Give this some real thought, what do you feel most confident with right now?

Are you more confident writing?

Are you more confident in front of the camera?

Are you  more confident talking and broadcasting?

There are only 3 types of content, written, video and audio.

Have a real long hard look in the mirror and work out what you’re most confident in.

Once you have figured this out start there and only there don’t try go from producing minimal content to wanting to share 5 videos and 2 blogs a week. 

You want to set yourself up to win in order to give yourself the best possible chance in maintaining consistency as the personal branding game is all about remaining consistent with your content.

Okay so you have worked out what you’re most comfortable with, great! 

Spend time thinking about your target audience, this is a really worthwhile activity and it will give you the best possible chance in having success so it’s really fucking worth putting in the time to do it. 

Build your target audience persona with this free toolhttps://www.hubspot.com/make-my-persona

Great, now what do I do?

You must do these two things before you get cracking.

Set goals and targets for your personal branding efforts.

Measure it across these areas and make sure you take note where you currently stand today against these areas.

Connections & Followers.

Profile views in the last 90 days.

Average amount of reach from your posts over the last 90 days.

Now you need to make a plan, how many times are you going to post each week, when are you going to share content and what are you going to talk about?

Answer all of these questions and build out a plan that works for you.

Once you have done all of this you simply just need to START!

You will feel like no one is listening at first, I certainly did but you need to tap into that resilience that all great Recruiters should have.

Keep going, listen to your audience, make time to understand what content is working and what content isn’t. Be open to making changes and be consistent.

Remember this, it’s a marathon not a sprint and if you’re hoping to get results instantly then it’s not going to happen. You have to maintain this mindset otherwise you’re going to quit before you have even started!

Hishem Azzouz

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