It’s so easy in life to come up with excuses why you can’t do something so it justifies you not taking action.

We’re all guilty of this and we all know deep down your excuses are fucking bullshit.

The most common excuses I hear from Recruiters are the following and this is my response to your poor excuses on why you can’t invest time in your personal brand.

I haven’t got time to invest in my personal brand.

Your lying and this isn’t true. We all have the same amount of time in the day and there are so many people online who make the time to invest in their online reputation along with having a very busy work days.

You and I both know you spend at least 1 hour per day AT LEAST (I definitely spend longer) scrolling through your Linkedin news feed or your Instagram newsfeed. 

This is your new allocated time to your personal brand, if its creating content, replying to comments, building your content plan just anything related to your online reputation this is your new 1 hour window to spend time on it!!

I’m to old and I’m not really a social media person.

No, just no. This can not be an excuse, your target audience will all own a smartphone and they will all be using it every single day.

Your parents, your grandparents are on these devices and using social media.

If this is your excuse then it’s not valid and anyone can start there is no age restriction!

It doesn’t work and I would rather smash the phones.

Everything I speak about and have spoken about in this ebook isn’t to replace what you currently do so great at. The offline work and the sale activity is still so fucking important to becoming a seriously successful Recruiter.

My opinion is to combine your offline efforts with online efforts. This is the real powerful mix, if you get the online part really right or you even just give it a good go then you will get results.

To answer this excuse bluntly it does fucking work. I have used my personal brand to help me build my recruitment desk, get a new job, help win clients worth £10K plus to the business I worked for and much more.

It works, period.

Plus let me just add, what the hell have you got to lose by being open to trying different methods than what you would have already been taught by the experience Recruiters within your agency !??!

I feel too uncomfortable sharing content.

I totally get this and I was the same when I first started. If you don’t believe me then feel free to watch my very first video I shared on Linkedin when I was a Recruiter…


This took like 15 attempts and I was so stiff. Like anything you get better with practice and you get more comfortable.

The best comparison I can make is with business development, when I first started making business development calls I absolutely shat my pants and that’s okay, if you don’t let it paralyse you.

 Build up your confidence and you will start sharing content like there is no tomorrow!! 

Hishem Azzouz

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